I’ve been in a weird mind set recently. Not a bad mind set. A weird mind set.

Too much time to think. And too much time looking at various blockchain projects.

I feel like I’ve become a different version of myself. And that got me thinking about versioning, and all the different iterations you go through as a human. We go through multiple iterations of ourselves, or at least we should.

Some people get to 3.0 and they settle. They stop upgrading. They stop learning. They get slow.

Eventually they get forgotten. A relic. Unable to take part in the world effectively, because their code is outdated.

We live many lives, all stacked one upon the other, each iteration building on the software, and running on the hardware inherited from the previous iteration.

Sometimes though, you need a complete do-over. You need to scrap the machine. Delete the code. Tear up all the research, and just start over. Except you can’t.

Because one thing you can’t undo is the experience of what has passed. You can’t unlearn, what you’ve learned. Like it or not, you’re always another iteration of a previous self.

Right now, the world seems to be going through a new iteration too. It’s moving very quickly from centralised, to decentralised. Which promises hope and freedom to a vast amount of people across the globe.

But, fuck the hope. The hope will kill you. As Bain says:

“We will feed them hope to poison their souls”

Instead, focus on the freedom. Freedom from debt. Freedom from banks. Freedom from corruption.

But this is no small update. This is a major update. It’s a take the morning off work while you download and install security patches level update.

It’s BIG, because it’ll mean thinking differently, operating differently, interacting with the world differently. You’ll be expected to work with new concepts like AUTONOMY and PRIVACY, instead of CONTROL and SECURITY. You’ll be expected to take the lead instead of waiting to be led. You’ll be in charge – and most people aren’t ready for that kind of upgrade.

My current iteration is a good one though. Since digging into crypto this last year, I feel like I’ve been part of of the early beta release of this new global iteration.

And it’s fired me up to help others break their chains.

So stop letting outdated software fuck with your future.

It’s time for an upgrade: