the deaths are a symptom

This article has got it backwards:

The deaths are a symptom. The demand for opioids are a symptom of a sick society.I’m not siding with Big Pharma, far from it.

But ask a disenfranchised generation, invisible to its political class, mistrusting of big corporations, and enslaved by debt what they want, and they’ll tell you, they want to be able to breath, to be left alone, they need a break.

The ultimate break being a permanent solution. It’s not great, but it’s not rocket science either.

In contrast to the SHOCK statistics offed here, is it any wonder the “modern” world has returned to meditation, dressed up as the science of mindfulness?

Stopping to take a breath and regain a measure of control. This is the antithesis of opioid escapism. It’s taking back your autonomy. Sorting through the shit implanted in your mind. Choosing your own thoughts. Questioning your fundamental beliefs. De-linking from what society needs you to think so it can self-perpetuate through the generations.

These chains to a decaying society need to be broken so something else, something worthy of the promise our millennials bring, can rise from the ashes.

That means reclaiming our core-identity from the nation state an its proxies. One way this is already happening is with the decentralisation movement.You’ve likely heard of bitcoin, crypto, maybe even blockchain, it goes MUCH deeper, but that’s most people’s jumping on or off point. There’s a ton of bullshit, a ton of ‘expert’ opinion, but NO-ONE— I’ll say that again—NO-ONE knows where this is headed.

That’s the things with revolutions, you have to leave it to the historians to figure out.

The best you can hope to do is stay well informed, and be prepared. Because it’s happening. Not tomorrow, or next week. For better or worse, it’s happening now. My money is (quite literally) banking on it going to a good place, but there will be carnage along the way.

If you want to know more, to stay well-informed, so you have some measure of awareness when the SHTF, then I moderate a very successful group on FB. I’d love of you to come and say hello so you can get your house in order.